Many of you know Doc Reno as South Florida’s most popular Rock n’ Roll DJ on Big 105.9. Formerly a Margate resident, Doc turned a frightening bout with end-stage head and neck cancer into something positive for the community.

He spearheaded The My Family Matters Foundation. The organization helps pay bills for families whose children are fighting cancer.

“I was amazed at the number of families that couldn’t make ends meet,” he told “Nobody wishes that on anyone,” he continued. “It wasn’t enough that I suffering, but seeing these  kids of all ages and their families suffer broke my heart.”


Doc is a cancer miracle. He stayed on-air during months of debilitating chemotherapy and radiation and recovered from an illness that would have killed most. He said remaining positive during treatments got him through difficult times.

“I love life. I love what I do. It wasn’t my time yet,” he said.

After finding out he was no longer host to aggressive tumors, the radio personality formed the My Family Matters Foundation in partnership with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital to help as many suffering children and families as possible.

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