Doc Reno and Jacaranda’s Andrew Michael fist bump the upcoming tournament.

The South Florida Broadcasters Celebrity Tournament, set for Feb. 5 at Jacaranda, benefits the My Family Matters Foundation and Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital.

A quick and much-needed explanation:

This story is about someone who has never in his life played a full, 18-hole round of golf, which might seem a bit strange since it is appearing in a magazine completely devoted to golf and golf courses.

Even so, this is a story about golf. It is also the story of the curiously named Doc Reno.

Reno, age 60, is a legendary South Florida radio talk show host of much renown by profession. However, his golf skills, to put it politely, definitely fall into the not-so-legendary category. That said, golf is involved in Reno’s life in many different ways – just not in playing an actual round.

Reno confides that he “isn’t even curious” about what he would shoot for 18 holes, if he were to actually play a round.

Asked what the best part of his golf game is, Reno offered a quick, laughing answer: “I’m the best darn golf cart driver in the history of mankind.”

There is no doubt Reno has a strong affinity for the game.

“I love golf courses,” he said. “They are beautiful. I love watching golf on TV. I love watching the majors. I enjoy the players. I understand the game. I love going to tournaments – I’ve attended the Doral Championship [now defunct]and The Honda Classic over the years many, many times.”

However, there is one tournament in the future – one you probably have never heard of – that will definitely, positively and certainly become Reno’s all-time favorite. One that he cares about more than any of those majors he so enjoys.

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